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How to Move Music from iPhone 5 to Computer?

move music from iphone 5 to computerSometimes, bringing a MP3, a mobile phone, a notebook, a game player etc. with you is a little complicated. With the technological advancement coming in, it’s really hard to believe that you could have all of the convenience in a world with just one certain gadget. Yes, it is actually by giving yourself the chance to use an iPhone.

iPhone could surely give the best for you, not only with communication, net surfing, but with the best of entertainment. The only problem is that, do you really know how to move music from iPhone 5 to computer? With iPhone Transfer, things would be easier. This iPhone 5 to Computer Transfer can help you move music from iPhone 5 to computer within 3 steps, so just free download iPhone to Computer Transfer and start to learn how to move music from iPhone 5 to computer!

Note: This iPhone to Computer Transfer also support iPod, iPod touch, iPad etc.

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Quick Start: How to Transfer Music from iPhone 5 to Computer?

Step 1: After your iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer transfer connected to PC , Launch the iPhone iPod iTouch to computer Transfer you will see the right UI.

Step 2: From "File" ->"Export all Music", you can download all the files on your iPhone to iTunes library. You can also export files such as podcast, music, movies to computer.

select music you want to move to computer

Step 3: After you clicking the Export button, the following window will pop up, you can choose transferring to computer or iTunes directly. For you to move files from iPhone to computer. You can click "Export to Disk Only".

export iphone 5 music to computer

You can actually get a iPhone to Computer Transfer for your iPhone and have the downloading matter. This way, you can download music anytime and anywhere. You can even transfer videos, photos, TV shows, podcasts, books etc. from iPhone to computer. It will not actually take too much of time.

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